Album and Concert Reviews

The Return of the Bothy Band
TG4 has broadcast a new documentary film on the reformed 1970s group The Bothy Band including interviews and a performance in Dublin. Adrian Scahill reviews.
Bringing to Light a Forgotten Anglo-Irish Composer
Harpsichordist, conductor and musicologist Bridget Cunningham has just released an album of work by the eighteenth-century Anglo-Irish composer Thomas Roseingrave. James Camien McGuiggan reviews.
Marking the Loss of Traditional Music Listening Spaces
A new film on a renowned Irish traditional music pub in Dublin, 'Brendan Gleeson’s Farewell to Hughes’s', has recently been released. Adrian Scahill reviews.
The Erotic and the Murderous: Irish National Opera's 'Salome'
Irish National Opera's production of Richard Strauss' 'Salome' opened on 12 March at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Adrian Smith reviews.
Bringing an Irish Dimension to the Bach Cello Suites
Ailbhe McDonagh has just released a recording of the complete Bach solo Cello Suites, the first Irish cellist to do so. James Camien McGuiggan reviews.
A Fight for Power and Wealth: 'Possession' at the Project Arts Centre
'Possession', a new operatic work by the artist Amanda Coogan and composer Linda Buckley, based on a script by the deaf artist Teresa Deevy, ran at the Project Arts Centre from 21 to 24 February. Adrian Smith reviews.
We Hear Life Persist: Meredith Monk at the National Concert Hall
Pioneering American composer and vocalist Meredith Monk performed at the National Concert Hall last week with members of her vocal ensemble. Brendan Finan reviews.
A Concert Like a Classical Work: Killian Farrell, Sharon Carty and the Irish Chamber Orchestra
On 10 February at the Whyte Recital Hall in Dublin, the Irish Chamber Orchestra with conductor Killian Farrell and mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty performed Deirdre Gribbin's 'The Stones of Life', Mahler, Prokofiev and Mozart. Brendan Finan reviews.
Beginning with America: Chamber Choir Ireland at the Pepper Canister
Last weekend, Chamber Choir Ireland began their spring/summer season, and their final year under conductor Paul Hillier, with a programme of works by American composers. Brendan Finan reviews.
Irish Classical Not So Hidden Anymore
BBC Radio 3 has recently broadcast a series exploring Irish classical music across three centuries. Brendan Finan reviews.