No One is Talking About What Musicians Get Paid
The new report on the night-time economy has 36 recommendations, but it has an unfortunate blindspot, writes Toner Quinn.
Music in Ireland has a Glass Ceiling and it’s Called Nationalism
Unless music is coated in nationalistic terms it will struggle, writes Toner Quinn.
Does Irish Music Need One Voice?
The restrictions on live music are frustrating and perplexing for musicians and they point to larger issues, writes Toner Quinn.
Ways of Talking and Thinking About Irish Traditional Music
A recent book by Jessica Cawley, 'Becoming an Irish Traditional Musician: Learning and Embodying Musical Culture', interviews 22 Irish traditional musicians and explores how they learnt their craft. Martin Dowling reviews.
Irish Fatalism and the Lack of Planning for Live Music
When it comes to reopening the live music sector, we have fallen for the classic Irish mistake: dreaming, but not taking practical steps, writes Toner Quinn.
Music and the Arts Need Ideas and Debate Too
The writer Desmond Fennell, who died this week, had clear ideas about the role of new thinking and debate in society. They are relevant to Irish music today, writes Toner Quinn.
Why Isn’t Irish Traditional Music ‘Curated’ Too?
Now in its seventh edition, the latest 'Tradition Now' festival took place at the National Concert Hall on 19–20 June, but it is still not clear what this event is trying to achieve, writes Toner Quinn.
A Gripping Memoir Woven Through with Trauma
In her recently published memoir, 'Rememberings', Sinéad O'Connor takes ownership of the narrative around her life and music, writes Laura Watson.
We Need to Talk about Creativity in the Post-Pandemic Era
Right now, the world is talking about ‘creative solutions’ for the post-pandemic era, for the climate crisis, and for every other challenge that we face, but, asks Toner Quinn, how committed are we to supporting creativity and creative people?
 'Artists who are at their wits' end can’t afford another glitzy policy announcement': Basic Income for Artists Needs More Scrutiny
The basic income for artists was recommended in a government report last November, but since then progress has been sluggish and the ideas need much more scrutiny, writes Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD.