A Response to Roger Doyle Aodán Ó Dubhghaill A list of points made by Aodán Ó Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm, in response to the talk given by Roger Doyle at the Mostly Modern Open Forum.
On Going Solo Dermot McLaughlin Recording in traditional music, David Power's My Love is in America and Tim Collins' Dancing on Silver.
"Are You Talking to Me?": Traditional and Classical Music in Ireland "Are You Talking to Me?": Traditional and Classical Music in Ireland Toner Quinn Irish traditional music has played an interesting role in the writing on Irish classical music through the years – sometimes an inspiration to composers, sometimes a burden – but, asks Toner Quinn, do traditional musicians recognise themselves or their music in these writings?
Whacko Jacko ar RnaG Breandán Ó hEaghra From 2nd May Raidió na Gaeltachta will be permitted to play songs with English lyrics between 9pm and 1am. What will this mean for the type of music being played?
Unity of Being: The Music of Deirdre Gribbin Bob Gilmore In the first of an occasional series of articles on living Irish composers, musicologist Bob Gilmore discusses the work of Deirdre Gribbin, native of Northern Ireland and presently Artistic Director of the London-based Society for the Promotion of New Music.
Live Reviews: Raymond Deane – Concursus (world première) Jürgen Simpson Irish Chamber Orchestra Raymond Deane: Concursus (world première); Thurs 21 April 2005 St Mary’s Church, Mallow, Co. Cork; Katherine Hunka, Director
Live Reviews: Improv at the Printing House Festival Barra Ó Séaghdha Saturday 23 April / The Printing House, Trinity College, Dublin
An Appeal to Musicians to Rise Up Against the Neo-Liberal Order Kieran Allen Five companies have taken over vertical and horizontal control of almost every aspect of the music industry, controlling virtually every known label, most of the major distribution companies and much of copyrighted music. The dominant forms of music are repetitive and prosaic. Radio stations, seeking secure, safe and continuous profits, filter out anything that might upset. It doesn’t have to be this way, says sociologist Kieran Allen.
In The Ranelagh Gardens Macdara Woods Poet Macdara Woods writes about his collaboration with composer Benjamin Dwyer on their new CD In the Ranelagh Gardens.