Raymond Deane

Raymond Deane is a composer, pianist, author and activist. Together with the violinist Nigel Kennedy, he is a cultural ambassador of Music Harvest, an organisation seeking to create ‘a platform for cultural events and dialogue between internationals and Palestinians…’.

A Musical Intifada
In 'Children of the Stone', a new book by Sandy Tolan, two drastically different visions of music’s potential collide, writes Raymond Deane.
Irish Composers in Paris
Raymond Deane recounts a weekend on which music from Ireland flooded the French capital at the Centre Culturel Irlandais.
Beyond Murder
A new book on the composer Carlo Gesualdo shows that he was centuries ahead of his time, writes Raymond Deane.
Composer Raymond Deane picks through notions of musical elitism, popular and classical music crossover and what composers ‘should’ and ‘must’ do…
E-debate: Music and Society – Raymond Deane and Ronan Guilfoyle
If pulse-based music is the norm in our society, are most contemporary composers hopelessly out of touch? Does choosing to create pulse-based music mean one is succumbing to American cultural imperialism? Following on from Ronan Guilfoyle’s article in the Nov-Dec JMI on the relationship of jazz and contemporary music to society today, composer Raymond Deane and jazz bassist Guilfoyle tease out the issue more in this email debate.
Dear Editor,A ghost haunts the JMI – the ghost of the Irish Bartók. When last seen some years back, this fearsome spectre was safely tucked in his tomb, a sprig of garlic in his gob and a shamrock up each hairy nostril. Now David Flynn has disinterred...
Must Music be Accessible?
The accessibility of music is a political issue, not an aesthetic one, writes composer Raymond Deane
A preview of RTÉ LMF 2004 from the Artistic Director.
A conference held in Virginia, USA, on ‘Re-imagining Ireland’ invited an array of Irish artists and intellectuals to discuss the modern Irish identity – but entirely omitted classical music. Raymond Deane explores why.
Don't Expect a Seachange in Music Education...
Raymond Deane reflects on what happened next when his piece Seachanges (with danse macabre) was selected for inclusion in the Leaving Certificate examination.
A preview by Artistic Director Raymond Deane of the first RTÉ Living Music Festival on 2-27 October, 2002, at the Helix, Dublin 9, with Featured Composer Luciano Berio.
It's Just Town!
A review of a recent edition of Horizons on Lyric FM, in which John Schaeffer of WYNC Radio in New York was asked to take an outsider's look at the new music scene in Ireland.
Another Partial Portrait
A review of Portrait of the Irish Artist directed by Seán Ó Mordha and broadcast on RTÉ 1 on 16 December 2001.
Passage Work: A Path Towards Stillness?
Raymond Deane previews the premier of his Passage Work at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, on 20 December 2001.
Ó Riada is Dead – Long Live Ó Riada!
Composer Raymond Deane tackles the ongoing 'Ó Riada myth'.