Niall Keegan

Niall Keegan is a traditional flute player and Associate Director at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

The Star of the Folk Revival
What was it about Micho Russell's music and performances that was so unique and compelling, and that made him into a star of the folk revival? Niall Keegan listens to a recent double-CD collection which includes a range of previously unpublished recordings.
The Manufacture of Irish Traditional Music
Is Irish traditional music a newly constructed music – manufactured for the needs of an island going through traumatic upheaval? Niall Keegan discusses Martin Dowling's new collection of essays, 'Traditional Music and Irish Society: Historical Perspectives'.
More Strings
Irish harp music has evolved and diversified in recent history – now it ranges from the pub session to historical reconstructions and new-age airs.
Let Go of the Language of the Past
The language we use around traditional music isn’t about making new music but about old music. We are judging today’s traditional music on the basis of what we imagine happened in the past, restricting the creative freedom of today’s artists. If the traditional arts are to flourish in the future, we have to start challenging the language of a past agenda.
Harry Bradley & Michael Clarkson
The Pleasures of Hope: Flute Music from Belfast and Beyond, (HBMC09)
Niall Vallely and Caoimhín Vallely
Buille 2 Crow Vallely Music, CVCD0003
The Crooked Picture, A Selection of Original Irish Music SPCD001
The Making of Irish Traditional Music
Niall Keegan reviews 'The Making of Irish Traditional Music' by Helen O’Shea.
Robbie Hannan
The Tempest Na Píobairí Uileann (NPU CD 016)
The Hare’s Corner – Cúinne an Ghiorria Plateau Records
CD Review: Frank Cassidy
Nil gar ann! – Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal – Played by Frank Cassidy (and in duet with John Doherty) / Cairdeas na bhFídléirí / CNF005
CD Review: Aindreas de Staic – Latchico
Aindreas de Staic – Latchico (2008)
CD Review: Matt Molloy and John Carty with Arty McGlynn – Pathway to the Well
Pathway to the Well – Recorded Live at Matt Molloy’s / Racket Records, RR007
CD Reviews: Slide – Overneath
Niall Keegan reviews Slide - Overneath.
CD Reviews: Nuala Kennedy
The New Shoes reviewed by Niall Keegan.
CD Reviews: Oisín McAuley
Far From the Hills of Donegal reviewed by Niall Keegan.
A Tradition Flowering
Tradition in the midst of a flowering in Come West Along The Road, a DVD of traditional music from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.