Album and Concert Reviews

Minor Melancholia
'The Blue Light', a new album by composer Garrett Sholdice, has just been released on the Ergodos label. Adrian Smith reviews.
Nurturing a New Generation of Sean-nós Singers
TG4 recently broadcast 'Bláth na hÓige', a seven-part series focusing on the emerging generation of sean-nós singers, and the music has just been released on the Gael Linn label. Toner Quinn reviews.
In the Presence of Potts
The premiere of Neil Ó Lochlainn's new suite 'Tairseach', inspired by the music of fiddle player Tommie Potts, took place at Solstice Arts Centre on 26 May. Brendan Finan reviews.
The Many Sides of Erased Tapes
On 20 May, the National Concert Hall hosted an evening of concerts to mark 15 years of the Erased Tapes contemporary music label. Drew Stephens reviews.
A Hard-hitting Commentary on the Experience of Asylum Seekers
Composer Jamie Thompson's Adjunct Ensemble has just released 'Sovereign Bodies / Ritual Taxonomy' on the Diatribe label, focusing on the ordeal of asylum seekers. Brendan Finan reviews.
Conflict and Sorrow in Rural Ireland
Irish National Opera's 'Werther', featuring mezzo-soprano Niamh O’Sullivan and Italian tenor Paride Cataldo, is currently on a nationwide tour. Brendan Finan reviews a performance at the Solstice Arts Centre.
Sounds and Silences of the Troubles
'History of the Present', a new opera-film by Maria Fusco and Margaret Salmon exploring the trauma of the Northern Ireland Troubles, with music by Annea Lockwood, received its premiere at the Belfast International Arts Festival this month. Jonathan C. Creasy reviews.
Marking a Decade Exploring the New Music Scene
The 10th New Music Dublin festival took place last weekend and featured major new works by Donnacha Dennehy, Ann Cleare, Kevin Volans, Karen Power and more. James Camien McGuiggan reviews.
Playing with the Post-digital
The 2023 Music Current festival took place last week (12–15 April) at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, featuring works by Francis Heery, Jaki Irvine, Michael Maierhof, Jessie Marino, Simon Steen-Anderson and Michael Beil, with performers Nadar Ensemble, Dublin Sound Lab and more. Adrian Smith reviews.
Finnegans Flare
Composer Roger Doyle has just released a second volume of works inspired by Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake'. Brendan Finan reviews.