NCH Announces Metronome Concert Series Focusing on Emerging Artists and New Groups

I Dreamed a Dream (Photo: Celeste Burdon)

NCH Announces Metronome Concert Series Focusing on Emerging Artists and New Groups

Line-up includes Olan Monk, Elaine Malone, Róis, I Dreamed I Dream, and Sudden Wells.

The National Concert Hall has announced the programme for its upcoming Metronome series, which focuses on emerging artists and new projects and groups. The concerts, which are curated in collaboration with independent promoters, take place from January to May and will be held in the Studio space. 

The first concert, curated with the female and gender minority DJ group Gash Collective, takes place on 27 January and will feature Conamara experimental musician Olan Monk, vocal artist Baptist Goth and multi-instrumentalist Jasmine Wood. The promoter Homebeat will present the next three shows; on 17 February, Belfast producer and DJ Phil Kieran will perform his audiovisual show The Strand, with support from harpist Méabh McKenna; grunge rock artist Elaine Malone will perform on 21 March with support from composer and multi-instrumentalist R.F. Chaney; and on 24 May, Sudden Wells – a new group formed by composer Michael Gallen with Caimin Gilmore, Matt Jacobson, Patrick O’Laoghaire and Romain Bly – will perform with support from experimental musician Róis. 

As part of a series curated by Matthew Nolan, Cork indie band I Dreamed I Dream will perform at the Studio space on 28 February with support from The Next New Low, and on 9 May, composer and multi-instrumentalist James Makin performs with support from singer-songwriter Stewart Agnew. 

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Published on 23 January 2024

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