David Flynn

David Flynn is a composer and musician from Dublin

Why are We Forgetting the Tune Composers?
In 2014, without explanation, the TG4 Gradam Ceoil award for traditional music composition was dropped. Given the current thriving tune compositon scene, Dave Flynn asks why.
Dave Flynn, Spiddal, Co. Galway, writes:In his ‘New Work Notes’ column, John McLachlan has criticised music which he deems ‘simplistic’ or ‘accessible’. In his most recent article he reverts to Adorno-like extremes by stating:...
David Flynn, London, writes:In his letter in the last issue of JMI, Raymond Deane claims the Irish Bartók I described in ‘Looking for the Irish Bartók’ is an ‘inward-looking sleeveen’, but he missed an important part of...
The ‘Irish Bartók’ question has been around for decades, but is there still some value in the concept? Composer David Flynn argues that there is, and that now is the time for a new engagement by Irish composers with Irish traditional music and musicians.
The background to the newly established YCC.