Trailblazers, Aha Moments and Sonic Wonder

Trailblazers, Aha Moments and Sonic Wonder

The third of these pop-up events features music from Kate Ellis, Laura Sheehan and Linda Buckley.

Onewildlife & pop–up productions host another ‘Trailblazers and Aha moments’ this Thursday 2 February in the Unitarian Church, St Stephen’s Green West, Dublin, bringing together a mix of change-makers, artists, social entrepreneurs, provocateurs and activists to talk about their paths. These short talks will be accompanied by a mix of music from Kate Ellis (pictured) who also performed at the first event, Laura Sheehan and Linda Buckley, among others.

Hosted by Kathy Scott (of the Ireland:Iceland events that took place in 2011) and by Clare Mulvany of Onewildlife, this is an opportunity to gain insight into how individuals have forged their own paths through ‘non-compliance’ with the status quo, but also a chance to experience high-quality and intimate musical performances in a venue with good acoustics.

Speakers include Sean Love, Tony Griffin, Orla Tinsley, Natasha Czopor, Brenda Byrne, Dara Hogan, George Boyle and Marie Mulholland.

Tickets are €10 and the event starts at 7pm.



Published on 31 January 2012

Patrick Groenland is an Irish guitarist and composer. Having studied at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, he is now based in Dublin.

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