Robert McMillen

Robert MacMillan is Irish Language Editor with The Irish News in Belfast.

Ghosts of Belfast
Martin Dowling's and Úna Monaghan's performance of Owenvarragh, a Belfast Circus on The Star Factory, used Cage's Roaratorio template and Ciaran Carson's poetry to recreate the soundscape of Belfast. Robert McMillen describes the experience.
CD Review: Albert Fry
Tráthnóna Beag AréirGael Linn CEFCD 193Growing up in north Belfast in the 1950s, Albert Fry got to know a family from North Queen Street, the Greens or Clann ’ic Grianna. The father was Donal Mac Grianna, brother of the Donegal...
Spiegeltent, Queen’s University, Belfast21 October 2007The woman who was going to drag English folk music into the twenty-first century was at the Belfast Festival at Queen’s in Autumn, but watching the middle-aged and middle-class – that...
An obituary of the guitarist, composer and singer.