Broaching the Disconnect
The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is gradually transforming our concept of the new music event, writes James Camien McGuiggan, addressing the disconnect from the rest of musical life – this year's 10-day festival showed we are beginning to see the rewards.
Why We Should Be Listening to Folk Music
Nobody spotted the rise of populism, say the media and the politicians, but that’s not entirely true when it comes to folk music, writes Toner Quinn. There is a case to be made for listening much more carefully to the music around us.
'It was the beauty of the sound': an Interview with Catherine McEvoy
Flute-player Catherine McEvoy has just been announced as the recipient of the TG4 Gradam Ceoil musician of the year award. She spoke to The Journal of Music about her life in music and what the award means to her.
How Not to Market Classical Music
The marketing of orchestral concerts is becoming increasingly whimsical and condescending in an attempt to make classical music more accessible, but audiences deserve more respect, argues Adrian Smith.
Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin’s Example Will Continue to Inspire
A tribute to the renowned Irish musician, composer and educator who died on 7 November 2018.
Closed-hearted Ranting on Pop
Roger Scruton's new book 'Music as an Art' is generous and insightful when it comes to some musics, but those moments are far too rare, writes James Camien McGuiggan.
'It's a line I'm conscious of': Paddy Glackin on the Art of Balancing Experimentation with the Solo Tradition
Ahead of a rare duo performance with uilleann piper Paddy Keenan in Armagh this November, fiddle-player Paddy Glackin speaks to The Journal of Music about solo playing, experimentation and how the Irish traditional music scene has changed radically in the digital age.
A Love of Music Making
Leonard Bernstein represents the ultimate musician, from writing 'West Side Story' through to presenting a series of Harvard music lectures, to his conducting and performances as a pianist – he showed us that music is a thoroughly holistic affair. In this essay, Benjamin Dwyer explores the American icon’s life, work, political affiliations and achievements.
New Music on the Margins
The 'Music of Our Time' concerts struggle to find an audience on mid-week afternoons. Adrian Smith examines how a lack of regard for new music and a lack of vision impact the series.
Against Resignation: An Interview with Raymond Deane
Is there a lack of solidarity among composers? Will classical music ever become a part of Ireland's national consciousness? And have young Irish composers unwittingly subscribed to a code of musical prohibitions influenced by the US? In a wide-ranging interview, Raymond Deane, whose new opera 'Vagabones' will be premiered in 2019, discusses aesthetics, politics and occasional strokes of good luck with Adrian Smith.