New Residency for Irish Composers in the Italian Alps

Siobhán Cleary

New Residency for Irish Composers in the Italian Alps

The Association of Irish Composers (AIC) has established a new residency for Irish composers at the soundSCAPE festival at Maccagno in the Italian alps. The annual residency will take place for the first time on 30 June to 13 July this year, with Siobhán Cleary its first artist-in-residence.

Cleary will curate a concert of chamber works and give a seminar on recent electronic music from Ireland as part of the residency. The Sligo composer will also take part in the festival’s composition colloquia and masterclasses.

The launch of the residency coincides with Peter Moran’s new stewardship of the AIC — Moran took over administration of the organisation last month, taking over the role from John McLachlan, who has led the organisation for many years.

Founded in 1972, the AIC has a number of functions, including promoting the work of Irish composers overseas — for instance at the International Society for Contemporary Music World Music Days — and to act as a composers’ union, representing composers interests by issuing commissioning guidelines, amongst other things.

Along with Moran’s appointment, the organisation gained twelve new members, including Anna Murray, Ben McHugh, David Collier, Jenn Kirby, Kian Geiselbrechtinger, Massimo Davi, Matthew Whiteside, Patrick Brennan, Rachel Ní Chuinn, Ryan Molloy, Seán Doherty and Sebastian Adams.

Published on 1 March 2013

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