'It Is What It Is' by Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley

'It Is What It Is' by Michael Buckley

Irish jazz saxophonist Michael Buckley has recently released an album of his own songs, featuring the vocals of Margot Daly.

Titled It Is What It Is, and issued on Lyte Records in Belfast, the album is his first release in eight years, is a move away from instrumental jazz albums, and highlights his talent as a pop/rock songwriter, featuring songs written and co-written by Buckley. The album reflects his early influences in particular, from Steely Dan to Joni Mitchell. 

In recent years Buckley has worked as a producer with artists from a variety of genres, from pop to jazz and folk to R&B. As a session player and arranger, he has previously worked with The Cranberries and Donovan and is currently touring with Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard. 

Buckley has also collaborated with the World Jazz Orchestra, where he has represented Ireland, and has been a member of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival Orchestra. He has performed in tours and concerts with Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Jason Rebello, Nils Wolgram, Tom Rainey and Chander Sardjoe.

It Is What It Is features the nine-piece Michael Buckley Band plus additional artists. The full list of musicians includes Margot Daly (vocals), Michael Buckley (saxes, flutes, vocals, keyboards, bass), Ronan Dooney (trumpet), Steve McDonnell (trumpet), Paul Frost (bass trombone), Jason Rebello and Paul Finlay (keyboards), Anto Drennan (guitar), Mal O’Brien (guitar), Mick Macarney (guitar), Conor Brady (guitar), Bill Shanley (guitar), Jack Maher (guitar), Keith Duffy (bass), Aongus Ralston (bass), Paul Moore (bass) and Jason Duffy (drums). 

Listen below to the third track, ‘Lullabies’, sung by Margot Daly.


Published on 31 July 2013

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