A Song from Slide's Forthcoming Album

Mendicity by Slide

A Song from Slide's Forthcoming Album

YouTube video released in anticipation of Slide's new album.

The group Slide have released on YouTube a rough-and-ready ‘video’ to a song from their forthcoming album – their fourth in the line of Flying Pig, Harmonic Motion, Over’neath and Beo-Live. The song itself is a delicate version of Martin Denning’s ‘The Bird’, previously recorded by Margaret Brennan and Deirdre MacQuaile as D’Goya. The visual (‘No laughing at our bad video editing skills’, they request) features clips from the band’s extensive and ongoing touring of the States as shot by concertina player and occasional Slide guest, Colm Delaney (who has a solo album due out later this year).




Published on 7 September 2012

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