RIAM Launches Archive of Operas

Brian Gilligan in a behind-the-scenes image from the RIAM Opera Archive.

RIAM Launches Archive of Operas

The Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) in Dublin has launched a new website to document former opera productions at the institution. The arrival of the RIAM Opera Archive coincides with the RIAM’s annual opera production, Janáček’s The cunning little vixen, which runs at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Trinity College, Dublin, for three nights at the end of January.

Kathleen Tynan, Opera Development Officer at the RIAM, said that singing in opera is a major ambitioun among young singers. ‘Each year when we audition young singers for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the RIAM, we ask them about their ambitions for the future,’ she said. ‘Almost always their answer is “to sing in opera.”’

The RIAM Opera Archive includes an extensive collection of photographs, reviews, cast lists and features on alumni such as Tara Erraught, Anna Devin or Celine Byrne.

‘As RIAM Opera continues to grow and develop, we thought it was a fitting time to launch the RIAM Opera Archive,’ adds Tynan. ‘The archive is intended to serve as a record and a celebration of our past work and achievements.’

Published on 17 January 2014

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