New Releases of the Week (14 January 2022)

Fontaines D.C. have this week released new single ‘Jackie Down the Line’ taken from their upcoming third album ‘Skinty Fia’. (Photo: Filmawi).

New Releases of the Week (14 January 2022)

A round-up of recent releases including Fontaines D.C., CMAT, NewDad, Silverbacks, and Fia Moon. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected].

Fontaines D.C. – Jackie Down the Line
Fontaines D.C. have announced that their third album Skinty Fia will be released on 22 April on Partisan Records. This week, the band shared the first single from the record, ‘Jackie Down The Line’ – a dark and heady track with a repetitive verse and chorus delivered in singer Grian Chatten’s signature and unmistakable Dublin-tinged vocals. The track is accompanied by a video directed by Hugh Mulhern and stars dancer and choreographer Blackhaine. On Wednesday, the band gave the song its debut live performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The title of the upcoming album comes from a phrase in Irish which translates as ‘the damnation of the deer’ and plays around with the idea of Irishness abroad, a preview of the themes explored in the record. Pre-order the album: 

CMAT – Lonely
‘Lonely’ is the latest track from pop singer-songwriter CMAT, who last year released a string of singles including ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’, ‘2 Wrecked 2 Care’ and ‘No More Virgos’. The new track will feature on the upcoming debut album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, due for release on 25 February via AWAL Recordings. Much of the artist’s music so far conveys a type of happy-sad state, where melancholic or testing emotions and situations (such as heartache and breakups) are covered with a bubblegum-flecked country-pop sound and humorous lyrics and videos. ‘Lonely’, however, leans fully into the sad-girl image and we see the artist vulnerable and raw. ‘I’m so lonely/ And I don’t have any real friends / I’m so lonely / Other people are just means to an end’ she sings as, in the video, she rollerskates in an empty scouts hall. Pre-order If My Wife New I’d Be Dead here:

NewDad – Say It
NewDad, the indie-pop four-piece from Galway, have this week released ‘Say It’, a new track from their upcoming EP Banshee, out on 9 February via Fair Youth Records. The airy melody, hazy vocals and glimmering guitar riff combine for three minutes of light, West-coast USA style guitar pop – an endearing hint of the upcoming record. Commenting on the new track, the band say, ‘‘Say It’ is about unrequited love, about when someone is with you but not really, it’s supposed to capture that frustration you feel when you’re giving someone your all and they’re giving you nothing in return.’ Banshee, the band’s second EP, was recorded and co-produced in Belfast with frequent collaborator Chris W. Ryan, and was mixed by John Congleton (Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers). This year, the Galway band will visit SXSW, and All Points East in London, as well as tour dates in the US, UK, and Ireland. Visit: 

Silverbacks – A Job Worth Something
Dublin indie-punk band Silverbacks have this week released ‘A Job Worth Something’, the latest track from their upcoming new album Archive Material, due for release on 21 January via the label Full Time Hobby. Following previous single releases ‘Rolodex City’, ‘Wear My Medals’ and ‘Archive Material’, the new song has a lo-fi indie sound with multiple vocal lines and a knife-edged guitar hook. ‘A Job Worth Something’ is about questioning your own value in the world. ‘For most of the pandemic,’ says vocalist and guitarist Daniel O’Kelly, ’I lived with my sister who is a healthcare worker and was working in the designated covid hospital in St James’ Dublin. Unfortunately, I was far less heroic, writing copy for a car insurance company. This song is about feeling embarrassed about how different our lives were at this time. When it comes to telling my grandchildren what all this was like, I’ll be telling them about my sisters who have more important stories to share.’ Silverbacks will tour the UK and Ireland in February and March. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp: 

Fia Moon – By Now
‘By Now’ is the new track from pop singer Fia Moon, following single releases from last year ‘Falling For You’ and ‘Simple’, which has received significant radio airplay. The new track was written with Dublin-based songwriter DAY_S, and is a pop ballad about the pain of watching lost lovers move on. ‘‘By Now’ is the first song I have ever written with another Irish person and I’m so glad it was with DAY_S,’ said the songwriter. ‘This song is so raw and personal to me and there are few people out there who I can be this vulnerable with… I wanted to keep the production super-minimal with the focus on the vocals as they are mostly from the original demo. Visit:  

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Published on 14 January 2022

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