New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music (June 2018)

Aerie (photo: Jannes Schilling)

New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music (June 2018)

A round-up of new jazz and improvised music releases

Featured below: Aerie, Lynne Arriale Trio, Kamaal Williams, Tim Garland, Emma-Jean Thackray.

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Each week The Journal of Music will be compiling news on new and recent releases in contemporary, classical, jazz, indie, folk and traditional music. Please send details of all releases to editor [at]

Aerie: Sonic
25 May 2018

Sonic is the second album from the quintet Aerie, led by saxophonist Ingo Hopp, with Matthew Jacobson (drums), Sam Comerford (sax), Laurent Meeteau (guitar) and David Helm (bass). A vibrant, energetic album, Sonic is as colourful as its cover (above), with a particular focus on rhythmic adventurousness.



Lynne Arriale Trio: Give Us These Days
Challenge Records
1 June

The third album from this trio, led by pianist and composer Lynne Arriale, is expansive in scope, creating a sound that seems much larger than just the three instruments. Arriale combines tightly crafted compositions with slow grooves, frequently taking unexpected turns. 

Kamaal Williams: The Return
Black Focus
25 May 2018

In Williams’ (real name Henry Wu) own words The Return is jazz blended with the ‘texture, sounds and signals from the over-saturated London streets’,  inflected by hip-hop and electronica. This is the first release on Wu’s own label Black Focus Records. 


Tim Garland: Weather Walker
Edition Records
8 June 2018

It may be hard to tell from the first few moments of Weather Walker that this is a jazz album, as it opens with a minimalist orchestral pulsing. However, Garland’s sax playing and piano writing is undeniably funky and melodic, balancing between improvised and composed. Inspired by the imagery of the lake district, the album is centred around the traditional folk song ‘The Snows They Melt The Soonest’. 

Emma-Jean Thackray: Ley Lines
The Vinyl Factory
May 2018

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Emma-Jean Thackray wrote, recorded and performed all the tracks of this double-sided EP herself, creating obsessive keyboard and bass riffs that underpin her unusual textures and combinations of sounds. 


Please send details of all new releases to editor [at]

Published on 13 June 2018

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