Myles O'Reilly on Ernst Reijseger

Myles O’Reilly and Ernst Reijseger

Myles O'Reilly on Ernst Reijseger

A homage film about cellist Ernst Reijseger.

Film maker, Myles O’Reilly has released a short homage film about the improvising cellist Ernst Reijseger in action teaching and performing in his hometown of Amsterdam. “This is the film I have always wanted to make,” writes O’Reilly, “since being introduced to this maestro through the films of Werner Herzog.”

O’Reilly continues, metaphorically: “Ersnt Reijseger And The Cello Biënnale is the result of three years in training, training to follow the subject with my ears as much as my eyes, to feel and invent my own way with my instrument and practice an ethos that unwittingly installed in me by listening to Ernst for the first time three years ago.”

Watch the film below. For more information, visit

Published on 29 November 2012

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