How to Add an Event Listing to the Journal of Music

How to Add an Event Listing to the Journal of Music

Concerts, festivals and album releases can all be added to listings and will be included in the Reader Reviews section.

The Journal of Music has a popular listings service that allows you to add concerts, festivals, album releases, opportunities and more. See details below for adding your listing. All listings are included in the Reader Reviews section.

Step 1: Register
To add a concert or festival to our listings, first register 
hereIf you have already registered, log in here.

NB: If you do not receive your activation email or password please (i) check your spam folder, and (ii) check that your email address was typed correctly.

Step 2: Create a Listing
Once you are logged in, click on Add a Listing from the menu. Select a category (concert, album, etc.) and add a title (please do not use block caps), venue, date, body text, genrelink and image (600 pixels width x 400 pixels height). If your venue is not already in our database, please add it here.

NB: Please don’t forget to add a genre using the dropdown option. If you don’t add a genre, it won’t appear in the weekly Concert Planner.

*Time Tip: Use the arrows on your keyboard to change the time.

Step 3: Add a video
If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video, or a Soundcloud track, click on ‘Browse’ and insert the link. 

Step 4: Save and Publish
Click ‘Save and Publish’ and your listing will appear on our site straight away. View the latest listings here. Your event will appear in our weekly Concert Planner, which is emailed to subscribers every Monday morning. Sign up here.

Step 5: Clone Listing
If you have more than one date for the same event (i.e. a concert series or tour), click on ‘Clone This Listing’. For each new listing, change the date and venue and click on ‘Save and Publish’. Repeat the same process for each event.

If you have any difficulty registering or adding listings email info [at] or call + 353-(0)86-8241309. 

Is there a charge?
The listings service is free to all our readers. You can add as many listings as you wish. 

How can I obtain additional promotion?
If you are interested in additional promotion, such as billboard advertising,  premium listings, inclusion in our newsletters, social media and more, please email info [at] or phone + 353-(0)86-8241309.


Published on 16 May 2017

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