Arts Council Announces Capacity Building Support Scheme

Arts Council Announces Capacity Building Support Scheme

Deadline for applications is 19 November.

The Arts Council is now accepting applications for a new Capacity Building Support Scheme, a once-off fund designed to help organisations review and adapt their artistic and/or business models and support their strategic development.

Supported activities could include strengthening an organisation’s digital infrastructure by accessing expertise, training, tools and software; business and professional development; wellbeing and support programmes for staff; developing collaborations and connections; and funding to secure training and expertise to develop the organisation’s capacity for inclusion and relevance across the diversity of Irish society. 

The fund, which is open now until 19 November, is available to arts organisations who have been previously funded by the Arts Council, or arts organisations who may not have been funded by the Council but are not-for-profit organisations or a registered charity. Groups of arts organisations who have previously been funded by the Arts Council can also apply. The maximum amount is €20,000. 

The scheme is a flexible award, open to proposals aiming to build capacity, foster cooperation and enable organisations to develop new ways of working. Proposals which plan to build an organisation’s capacity in terms of programming new and diverse artists and reaching new audiences and communities are encouraged.  

For more on the Capacity Building Support Scheme, visit

Published on 13 August 2020

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