Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea to Perform Works by Volans and Walshe at Cafe OTO

Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea (Photo: Eoin Schmidt-Martin)

Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea to Perform Works by Volans and Walshe at Cafe OTO

Kevin Volans' 'Baobab' to receive UK premiere.

Violinist Darragh Morgan and pianist Mary Dullea will perform a UK premiere by Kevin Volans and a work by Jennifer Walshe next Monday 17 January at Cafe OTO in London, as well as works by George Lewis, Feldman and Cage.

The programme brings together a number of composers that the performers have a long association with.

Volans’ Baobab was written in 2020 for saxophone and then adapted for violin. Morgan premiered the work at the Fidelio Trio Winter Chamber Music Festival in Dublin last November. Morgan’s association with Volans goes back to his work with the Smith Quartet and includes performing at Volans’ 60th birthday concert at the Wigmore Hall in 2009. The composer’s Piano Trio No 3, ‘Le Tombeau des Regrets’, was also composed for Morgan and Dullea’s Fidelio Trio in 2017.

Walshe’s theme from for violin and piano was commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2002 and uses the instruments in a range of unorthodox ways. Morgan previously commissioned he was she was from Walshe in 2008 for COMA when he was their Open Score Artistic Director.

The performance of The Mangle of Practice (2014) by American composer and performer George Lewis will also be the work’s UK premiere. The composition borrows its title from a book of scientific history and philosophy by Andrew Pickering and explores the ideas in that work.

Feldman’s Spring of Chosroes (1977) was written for Morgan’s former teacher Paul Zukofsky, and Cage’s Six Melodies is a collection of pieces written in 1950 for violin and keyboard. In 2020, Morgan released an album of music by Cage with John Tilbury.

The performance at Cafe OTO begins at 8pm and tickets are £14 (£12) or £7 for members. For more, visit www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/darragh-morgan-mary-dullea/

Published on 11 January 2022

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