Live Reviews: Up North!: Festival Overview Barra Ó Séaghdha There may have been periods when little or nothing seemed to be happening in the contemporary/classical world, but 2002 was not a year for morose contemplation of the difference between nothingness and near-nothingness. Instead, it seemed a year of achievement:...
Live Reviews: Up North! Cicada String Quartet Review Jürgen Simpson Cicada String Quartet, The Coach House, Dublin Castle, Friday 6 December 2002. Hallgrimsson – String Quartet No. 2 (1990); Ore – Cirrus (2002); Sørenson – The Lady of Shalott (1993); Volans – String Quartet No.7 Similarity No.1 (2002); Saariaho – Nymphea (1987)
Live Reviews: Up North! Avanti! Ensemble John McLachlan Avanti! Ensemble, Project – Space Upstairs, December 2002. Alcorn — Making a Song and Dance (1989); Edlund — Cose ballano i cinghiali (2000); Wilson — Eat, Sleep, Empire (2002); Adderly — Triologue (1987 rev. 2002); Rasmussen...
Live Reviews: Up North! Rilke Ensemble Choir Scott McLaughlin Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle, December 2002. Jennefelt – Tableau Vivantes (2002); Eiríksdóttir – Vetur (1991); Ungæ∂i (1991); Olafsson – Endar mér í vilbessi arga og ramma kynngi? (1986); Seig í...
Live Review: Up North! Contemporánea Live Review: Up North! Contemporánea John McLachlan Contemporánea, Project– Space Upstairs, December 2002.
Composers' Choice: Stephen Gardner Stephen Gardner A preview of Gardner's Composers' Choice on 28th January, 2003 at the NCH.
Composers' Choice Preview: John McLachlan Composers' Choice Preview: John McLachlan John McLachlan A preview of John McLachlan's Composers' Choice on 4th February 2003 at the NCH, Dublin.
Silenced by Sound Silenced by Sound Michael Cronin Almost every public space is saturated by music, so what are we blocking out, asks Michael Cronin.
The Criticism of Contemporary Music The Criticism of Contemporary Music Conor Kostick Are there any objective standards by we can judge music or is it all a matter of individual taste?