Una Hunt

Una Hunt is a pianist, broadcaster and Irish music specialist, and Professor of Performance Research at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama.

An Unknown Quantity: Addressing the Neglect of Historical Irish Opera
The neglect of historical Irish opera presents a problem – without performances and recordings, how can we assess their contribution to the wider world of opera? Following recent revivals, Una Hunt asks if there are signs that the situation is improving.
Balfe's 'Sleeping Queen' Returns to Dublin
Michael William Balfe's 1864 work 'The Sleeping Queen' was his only operetta and written for surprisingly small forces. Una Hunt tells the story of the work ahead of its performance at the NCH – the first staging in Dublin in modern times.
The Little Ponies that Beat the Mare: Thomas Moore and his Irish Melodies
A range of commemorative events will mark the two hundreth anniversary of the publication of Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies. Una Hunt looks at his life and work and Moore’s legacy today.