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We might as well start by stating that this article will not provide any solution to the problem of how to compose in your own historical time. Like an academic character from a David Lodge novel it will instead, ‘merely seek to raise some interesting...
The inaugural Printing House Festival of New Music and the Electro Acoustic Revue at the NCH.
Composer John McLachlan's regular comment column on the new music scenes in Ireland and abroad – includes a review of 'Opera', a new CD of work by British composers performed by Irish musicians Darragh Morgan (violin) and Mary Dullea (piano).
Journeys at home and abroad.
John McLachlan looks at the significance and origins of musical titles.
Sligo New Music Festival, 24-26 March 2006.
'Open form', Luigi Nono and Morton Feldman.
The fluffy halo of 'classical' music, what composers think, Symphony Sessions and a new work from Elaine Agnew.
Innovative musicians and composers face a danger of evolving ever more styles and musical languages that, even if they are artistically sound, have little connection to any audience, writes composer John McLachlan.
'Concert hall versus everywhere else'.
Gerald Barry's new opera.
The Sligo New Music Festival and a composer's voice.
On the meeting of music and words in In the Ranelagh Gardens, the collaborative project of poet Macdara Woods and composer Benjamin Dwyer.
The first concert of the Young Composers' Collective and new music from Northern Ireland.
The Kronos Quartet and Tony MacMahon in Dublin and guitar and flute music by John Buckley.
Three concerts in Dublin and a recent release of music by Ian Wilson.
Dear Editor,In your last issue (March–April), David Flynn introduced the YCC (Young Composers' Collective). The schedule of what the organisation intends to do is very laudable, and if such an organisation successfully increases performance opportunities...
Style, John Wolf Brennan and Fergus Johnston.
The premiere of a new work by Stephen Gardner and recent CDs of the music of Frank Corcoran, Eric Sweeney and John Gibson.
Helix Arts Centre, Dublin, 20–22 February 2004The first RTÉ Living Music Festival was held in October 2002 and centred on the music of Berio. That festival presented a satisfying mix of orchestral and chamber music, brought to Ireland international...
Live Reviews: Raymond Deane – Violin Concerto
Raymond Deane: Violin Concerto / RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra / Conductor Gerhard Markson / Soloist Christine Pryn / National Concert Hall, 24 October 2003
Music by Ian WilsonLibretto by Lavinia Greenlaw Opera Theatre Company; cond. David Brophy; dir. Gavin Quinn10 September 2003, Samuel Beckett Theatre, TCDThe story and music of this opera were very united, in how they developed, and in terms of their strengths...
Thwaite: Jürgen Simpson & Simon Doyle
Music by Jürgen Simpson / Libretto by Simon Doyle / Opera Theatre Company / Cond. Philip Walsh / Dir. Dan Zemmett / Project Theatre, 24 September 2003
Vicar Street, 23 May 2003Michael Gordon – I Buried PaulConlon Nancarrow – Selected StudiesJulia Wolfe – Big, Beautiful, Dark and Scary Donnacha Dennehy – Streetwalker (world premiere) – Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint...
NCH, 13th April 2003The Composers EnsembleStravinsky – La Marseillaise Barry – ‘______’ Ives – Sonata No. 4 / ‘Children’s Day at Camp Meeting’Barry – In the asylumLehár – Waltz from the Merry...
NCH, 14th April 2003Elaine Clarke (vn), Malachy Robinson (db), Roy Holmes (pf), Ruth Hickey (, Kate Ellis (vc), and the Elysium TrioJürgen Simpson – Piano Piece I Simon O’Connor – Dedicated to Death Donnacha Costello – r.i.3.1...
Vox 21Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin 2, 23rd January 2003Dwyer – Quasi una fantasia Boulez – Dérive I Carroll – Three Chunky Lumps Deane – March oubliée / Catacombs / Seachanges (with Danse Macabre) Mostly Modern...
Avanti! Ensemble, Project – Space Upstairs, December 2002. Alcorn — Making a Song and Dance (1989); Edlund — Cose ballano i cinghiali (2000); Wilson — Eat, Sleep, Empire (2002); Adderly — Triologue (1987 rev. 2002); Rasmussen...
Composers' Choice Preview: John McLachlan
A preview of John McLachlan's Composers' Choice on 4th February 2003 at the NCH, Dublin.
Live Review: Up North! Contemporánea
Contemporánea, Project– Space Upstairs, December 2002.