Evelyn Grant

Evelyn Grant lectures in Community Music and Flute Performance at the Cork School of Music. She is involved in a wide-range of community music projects, including Cork Music Works which provides performance opportunity for people with learning disability. As musical director of the Cork Pops Orchestra, she performs to over 20,000 young people annually. She presents the ‘Lyric Pitch’ every Saturday on Lyric FM.

Dr Evelyn Grant, Chair, Forum for Music in Ireland/Fóram don Cheol in Éirinn, writes:Your editorial in the May-June issue outlines ‘two movements’ in music education in Ireland. You refer to the Forum for Music in Ireland and Music...
The Community Music Debate
The first ‘European Community Music Gathering’ takes place in the Irish World Music Centre, University of Limerick, on 28th-30th March 2003. Here, Evelyn Grant, Lecturer in Community Music at the Cork School of Music, presents her views on the subject.