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A Gaeltacht Moment
An upcoming festival of music and song in Conamara is about the past and the future.
A Song for Somebody
Musical relevance will take care of itself.
From the Ground Up
Miltown Malbay and the cultural spaces that draw us back
A More Beautiful Game
Where football and music meet
The Thin Green Line: On Writing About Irish Traditional Music
Musicians need to harness the printed word to affect their fortunes.
What Frank Says About Music
Lenny Abrahamson's film takes a power-hose to lingering myths about music.
The Splintering
Towards a future of micro music communities.
The Wood from the Trees
How musicians can influence the future of the planet.
The Search for Recognition
Only when artists value their own work will our society value them too.
Little Room, Great Significance
The new diversity in our musical life is countercultural.